Upcoming THMCEC Events Feb to June 2015

Upcoming Tweed heads Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (THMCEC) events from Feb to June 2015 have been released. Our rides should take us into the reaches of Northern NSW and the Gold Coast.

We have a great mix of upcoming events with 2 Vintage Runs, a trip down south, an overnighter and some dinner runs thrown in for good measure. Our “biggie” is our Annual Border Park Swap Meet and Bike Show to be held on 7th June 2015.

THMCEC Upcoming Events Feb to June 2015


Events are subject to change. The latest details and all events (both ours and others) can be viewed in our Calendar.

Note that is Club policy to start all of our runs from Kirra Sports Club. We won’t be stopping along the way to wait for anyone once we are off and going. We also plan to have set times for departure after lunch for each run and hope to end as many regular runs as possible back at Kirra Sports Club.

Let’s get the year under way.

Cya at Crams Farm.

Paying THMCEC Membership Fees

Membership fees are now due. While many will leave fee payment to our Crams Farm Run on Sunday 18th January 2015 there are three opportunities at our Cooly Raffles prior to Crams Farm that will save you and us some hassles.

These are:

  • Saturday 3rd January
  • Saturday 10th January
  • Saturday 17th January

The Raffles at Cooly Run from 1 pm to 2 pm (Qld).

Drop on in, buy some raffle tickets and join us for a Summer drink and some Summer breezes and views.

Renewal fees for 2015 are $35 for a single and $50 for a couple (with partner). New membership applications will also be accepted at the Cooly Raffles and at the Crams Farm Run. New membership fees are $40 for a single and $60 for a couple.

Club membership also includes membership to the Kirra Sports Club. Members are reminded that Kirra Sports Club membership ended on 31st December 2014. We won’t pay your Kirra Sports Club membership until you pay us. Kirra Sports Club has some great member promotions and you need a current membership to be eligible.

The first batch of Kirra memberships, for those who have paid, with the exception of a few, has been submitted and membership cards should soon be available. These can be collected at Kirra Sports Club. If you have paid your THMCEC 2014 membership fees and don’t have a Kirra Sports Club membership card available then call Bill on 0423 71 76 78 and we’ll see what the deal is.

Those who won’t be at the Cooly raffles or at Crams Farm and intend to renew THMCEC membership for 2015 can give Bill a call on 0423 71 76 78 and we’ll provide an alternative method to pay fees.

Merry Christmas from the Tweed Heads Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club 1

The Club wishes members and all a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas from THMCEC


We hope your Christmas is full of cheer and happiness.


Next Club Cooly Raffle – 3rd January 2015

We are taking  a break over Christmas and the next Club Raffle at the Coolangatta Hotel won’t be until Saturday 3rd January 2015. By then all memories and lingering effects from the dawn of the new year should be well gone.

New Raffle Team Pete and Linda will be baptised into the burning pit of fire that is the Cooly Raffles on the 3rd. Rock along and show them what it’s like on “the other side”.

The Raffles start at 1 pm (Qld) and are usually drawn at 2 pm (Qld).

Today’s Member Draw at the Cooly was redrawn until it went off so we start from scratch in the New Year.

And the lucky winning member was – Rod. Rod intends to donate his winnings to a lobby group to remove cars from the roads.

If you are yet to pay your membership fees then Cooly on the 3rd will save you a ton of hassles at Crams Farm.

Join us for a drink and a chat, spend a few bucks on raffle tickets and you’re a winner.

Cya at Cooly!

Reminder: Last Kirra Sports Club Raffle for 2014

A reminder that the last Club Raffle for 2014 at Kirra Sports Club will be held this Thursday night 18th December 2014.

This is your last chance to catch up at Kirra and get a 2 for 1 drink voucher until next year’s raffles start on February 4 2015.

Raffles run from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm NSW time. Knock off an hour if you are daylight savings deprived.

Come along and see if you can win yourself a ham or maybe a dead chook. You might even be lucky enough to win the member’s draw.

Club Raffles at The Coolangatta Hotel every Saturday afternoon (except for Saturday 27th December) at 1 pm (Qld) continue over the “break” (for some).