THMCEC Selfish Fish N Chips Dinner Run Ride Report and Photos

The real motorcycle enthusiasts in the Gold Coast and Northern NSW regions braved the showers and pending thunderstorms for the Tweed Heads Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Dinner Run held on Wednesday night, 25th March 2015.

The Run took us to Selfish Fish N Chips at Tweed Heads and was attended by 17 souls – 10 on bikes with 2 double-ups and 7 arriving like sardines in tin cans.

Our two (and only) riders from our last Dinner Run, Harry and Darren, didn’t turn up assuming they would be the only ones riding again and would need to take on the tasks of Lead, TEC and Corner Markers all on their own. A huge job for just two people.

Rumour has it that this is false and Darren had a sore toe while Harry is “away”. Thoughts ponder if Harry is “away” maybe having traded a slip of paper he received in the mail for a 2 week holiday complete with food, accommodation and a bar of soap.

Waiting at Kirra Sports Club in light rain we decided to hold out just a little and negotiate our plan of attack while those conveniently placed to home quacked off and got the wet weathers out. Those of us already a bit wet just let the evaporative cooling kick in.

Mexican stand-off. Are we doing Mexican or not?

Mexican stand-off. Are we doing Mexican or not?

Waiting for the heavens to clear.

Waiting for the heavens to clear.

Chicken wasn’t on the menu so we decided to chicken-out from our original plan to take a loop via Hogan’s Road and, instead, coasted down through Kingscliff and back up to Tweed for a taste of salt air prior to our meal. No rain in sight and we were greeted by refreshing cool air and a quiet, still night – thoroughly enjoyable.

Our alternate route proved to be the most reasonable option given that there can be some slip’ slidin’ away on the roads out back after a bit of rain.

Popeye had done a great job arranging a “Biker’s Hamburger Special” at Selfish Fish N Chips or we could choose from the menu. The “Biker’s Hamburger Special” could easily prove to be a staple for our dinner and catered Runs. The challenge goes out to Restaurants,Pubs and Clubs to provide us with the best “Biker’s Hamburger Special” you can dish up. We’ll rate them of course.



Selfish of us taking a table just for the helmets.

Selfish of us taking a table just for the helmets.

This was a great little run and an opportunity to get out for a mid-week ride and catch up with fellow Club members.

Thanks to Popeye for organising the Run and supplying the photos and to all who attended.

Our next Run is our Mini Poker Run to be held on April 12 2015. Be sure to come along and join us.

Another Dinner Run is in the planning so prep your taste buds and stay tuned.

View photos from the Dinner Run on this page.

THMCEC Donates to Lifeline

The Tweed Heads Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club held a BBQ fundraiser on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th February 2015 to help support the Lifeline $2 Clothing Sale held at the Tweed Heads Civic Centre.

From the proceeds, a donation of $100 was made to assist Lifeline.

Another example of the Club assisting those in need in the local area.

About Lifeline:

Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

Only 2 days left to renew THMCEC Membership

Members who are yet to pay their 2014/15 membership fees are reminded that the last date to pay overdue fees is 8th March 2015.

The final date has been extended but has been firmly set to coincide with the Club’s Southern Run.

Unless other arrangements have been made, or in exceptional circumstances, those in our Club records who remain unfinancial after 8th March 2015 will no longer be regarded as THMCEC members and will need to reapply for admission to the Club as a new member to be regarded as a Club member.

Holders of NSW Vintage Plates are reminded that the RMS requires that the holder of such plates is a member of a Roads and Maritime recognised historic vehicle club.

Support for Gold Coast Motorcycle and Scooter Footpath Parking

The Club has received an invitation for members to attend an event to encourage changes to permit the parking of motorcycles and scooters on footpaths in the Gold Coast.

At the Club’s General Meeting held on Monday 2nd March 2015 Alan O’Brien presented the following to members present:

We need bikers to turn up and take up a car space, 1 per bike (because that’s all the law allows), and let the council know that you support footpath parking for motorcycles and scooters.

Did you know that if more than 1 bike parks in a car space they can be fined? This regulation also needs to be changed.

Join us on Saturday the 11th April, spend a couple of hours and make a party of it.

Any form of motorcycle or scooter is welcome.

Contact details: Alan O’Brien, 0407140088

The “party park” will be held commence from 7 am in James St Burleigh Heads.

The Tweed Heads Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club does not endorse this event and provides this information merely for the notice of interested parties.

Upcoming THMCEC Events Feb to June 2015

Upcoming Tweed heads Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (THMCEC) events from Feb to June 2015 have been released. Our rides should take us into the reaches of Northern NSW and the Gold Coast.

We have a great mix of upcoming events with 2 Vintage Runs, a trip down south, an overnighter and some dinner runs thrown in for good measure. Our “biggie” is our Annual Border Park Swap Meet and Bike Show to be held on 7th June 2015.

THMCEC Upcoming Events Feb to June 2015


Events are subject to change. The latest details and all events (both ours and others) can be viewed in our Calendar.

Note that is Club policy to start all of our runs from Kirra Sports Club. We won’t be stopping along the way to wait for anyone once we are off and going. We also plan to have set times for departure after lunch for each run and hope to end as many regular runs as possible back at Kirra Sports Club.

Let’s get the year under way.

Cya at Crams Farm.